LifeVantage: More Than a Dog Supplement

lvv1Dogs are wonderful pets that are loyal and depend on you for all of their livelihood. Yes, dogs trust their pet owners for food, nutrition, and overall well being, so it only makes sense that a pet owner does everything in his or her power to provide a pet with whatever they need. One of those necessities is adequate supplements, like LifeVantage.

Why This Supplement?

LifeVantage is a name that is synonymous with dog’s health (for those who have heard about it). It is a supplement that includes ingredients, like collagen and omega-3 fatty acids, but most importantly ingredients used to activate Nrf2 within your canines.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the ingredients in this supplement, but they are powerful. For example, collagen helps your canine’s skin stay supple and strong enough to fend off issues, like ticks or infections. Most people know that collagen helps the skin, but what they might not know is that it represents about 30 percent of the entire amount of protein your dog has. This means that your dog’s energy depends on it.

Collagen is also important to maintain your dogs gums, tendons, muscles, and joints just to name a few things. Some experts have said that inadequate amounts of collagen can lead to injuries or issues in a dog’s old age, like osteoporosis.

The supplement is also rich in omega-3’s. These fatty acids gathered some attention a while back due to its benefits for the heart and overall circulatory system. This is great to ensure that your dog is getting all the proper nutrients and minerals to wherever he or she needs them. Remember that the circulatory system is responsible for transporting these ingredients to the rest of the body. Experts have noted that omega-3’s have helped dogs feel more energetic, happier, and may even sleep better at night. And that is just to name a few of the positive outcomes that come from an omega-3 enriched diet.

The other ingredients, the ones that help activate Nrf2 in a dog’s body is also a very special effect that is different from other dog supplements. The activation helps increase the production of catalase. Catalase is one of the body’s most powerful protective enzymes, which means a better immune system as well as digestive process.

Your dog’s cells should be protected against things like free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for everything from premature aging to macular degeneration, just to name a few issues. It was also proven that activating Nrf2 would also help improve cognitive functions like focus. Your dog will also have to worry less about inflammations because of the Nrf2.

There is no doubt that the Life Vantage dog supplement is definitely something that you should consider adding to your dog’s diet.


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