Get Help With Your Social Security Disability Case, By Calling Parmele Law Firm

disabilitySocial Security Disability is something that’s given to those who can no longer work, and they are found to be disabled enough, to be entitled to the funds. Social Security Disability is something that every worker pays into over the years that we work, and we are entitled to a certain amount of disability, if we ever become disabled. Although some persons are able to get Social Security Disability, without ever having worked, those who have worked, and they become disabled, may very well be denied. It’s difficult enough being disabled, as well as out of work, without also being denied for disability.

Many people have gone to apply for Social Security Disability, and they have legitimate cases of disability, but they are still denied funds. Without the disability that they need, they may have no money to pay their bills, and they’ll also be out of work. Sometimes, it’s necessary to have a lawyer on your side, in order to fight against your disability denial. If you’ve already filed a claim for disability, but you were denied, then don’t go against the Social Security Administration on your own. It may be necessary to have a lawyer in your corner, in order to get the funds that you need.

The Parmele Law Firm can help those who are in the Missouri, Kansas and Illinois area. Daniel Parmele, used to be the Senior Staff Attorney for the Social Security Administration, so he and his staff, are very knowledgeable about how the Social Security Disability works. Having someone who is knowledgeable about your claim, on your side, may be all that you need, in order to win your claim. Unfortunately, some persons who have true disabilities, are denied Social Security Disability, and they do not know where to turn.

The attorneys at the Parmele Law Firm, can help to get you the Social Security Disability that you need, even if you’ve already been denied. The attorneys can help you to file an appeal, or if you haven’t filed a claim yet, you can start working with them to process a claim. Starting with a lawyer is the best choice, instead of going against the Social Security Administration on your own. Many find out the hard way, how difficult it is to get Social Security Disability.

Working with a lawyer from the beginning of your claim, until you get the disability that you need, can help you to navigate the system, as well as claim your disability. In order to get started, visit, and you can start looking for an attorney to take your claim. There is no need to continue fighting with the Social Security Administration alone, in order to win your claim, especially if you have a lawyer on your side.


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