Did You Receive a Defective Medical Device? The Manufacturer Owes You Damages

sjj1Every medical device that is released into the healthcare industry has the potential to forever change the way doctors practice medicine. Unfortunately, when a medical device is created, it only goes through a limited testing process.

When it is released for use on the public, the long-term effects of the device are still unknown. Any manufacturer that creates a product, whether they know the device has the potential to become defective under certain conditions or not, is financially liable to pay damages to every person who is affected by the faulty equipment.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers find out long before the public is notified that a product is defective. To avoid paying damages, the company does their best to cover up the danger that is faced by the patients who purchased their device.

Eventually, after a few thousand people are reported to have received a faulty device, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is forced to issue a mandatory recall to have the defective device removed and replaced with an approved replacement. Sadly, there are a lot of people who are forced to suffer before the process reaches this point.

If you have been notified in any manner that you were provided a defective medical device, you need to retain legal representation right away to start the process of claiming your financial damages.

How Defective Medical Devices Are So Widely Distributed
No manufacturer would knowingly design a medical device that is defective. This is because they have morals, but also because they do not want to pay out the massive financial damages that are required per person. A device can easily become defective it if is not thoroughly tested, or if the research was not certain before the final product was put together.

The FDA has a responsibility to the American public to prevent devices that can become potential hazards from reaching the shelves of a medical supply store or hospital. Even though medical devices are tested rigorously for years, that does not mean that the tests can detect every possible scenario that could cause it to become defective.

Even though every medical device is thoroughly tested by the FDA, some products are destined to fail. There are certain types of products that the FDA has noted to have a higher incidence of becoming defective. Because of this, these categories of products are tested more rigorously than others. Still, there is never a guarantee.

Why You Should File a Claim for Damages
If you have been affected by a defective medical device, you deserve to be financially compensated for your emotional damage, as well as your mental and physical stress. Before you file a claim you need to make sure that you are adequately represented.

If you are ready to file your claim, contact Siegfried and Jensen by calling 1-801-503-0964 right away.


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