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LifeVantage: More Than a Dog Supplement

Dogs are wonderful pets that are loyal and depend on you for all of their livelihood. Yes, dogs trust their pet owners for food, nutrition, and overall well being, so it only makes sense that a pet owner does everything in his or her power to provide a pet with whatever they need. One of […]

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Age: How it Has an Affect on Disability Eligibility

There are a lot of factors that come into consideration when a person is applying for disability. Age is regularly a factor when it comes to determining eligibility for disability. Age and Social Security Disability Age does not always play a role when it comes to applying for disability, but a lot of the time […]

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Five Reasons to Eat Natural Food

For years, the question of whether or not natural foods are better to consume has been pondering the minds of people seeking healthier alternatives. It is only fitting to say “you are what you eat”. Therefore, wouldn’t it be safe to also say that eating boatloads of refined sugars and processed goods are slowly poisoning […]

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What are Veneers

Veneers are one of the most popular ways of improving a smile that has been negatively affected by discoloration of the teeth, gaps between the teeth, or other problems that impact the aesthetic look of the smile. A popular choice, these ceramic or composite resin cosmetic attachments are often chosen over crowns as the procedure […]

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Finding Safe Heart Help

Perhaps no other physical condition causes more distress to families than heart related illness. Cardiovascular diseases are the cause of fatality in high numbers of the population. Genetic inheritance,poor dietary habits and a sedentary lifestyle have resulted in a dramatic increase in heart attack and stroke hospitalizations. Those who are diagnosed with potential heart problems […]

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