Age: How it Has an Affect on Disability Eligibility

md7There are a lot of factors that come into consideration when a person is applying for disability. Age is regularly a factor when it comes to determining eligibility for disability.

Age and Social Security Disability

Age does not always play a role when it comes to applying for disability, but a lot of the time it is a determining factor in whether the Social Security Administration approves a disability application. There are guidelines when it comes to age, but that does not necessarily mean that a person’s age will disqualify them from getting disability. When the Social Security Administration looks at a disability application, they have to determine if a person can take part in gainful employment. Even if a person has a disability that prevents them from doing some types of work, they may be able to perform other types of work. Even if a person’s disability is on the SSA’s impairment listing, they may not get disability. Age plays a part in that decision.

The Role Age Plays

When a person applies for disability, it is beneficial to know how the SSA looks at different age groups and work categories. For people under the age of 44, the SSA considers them a young person. People between the ages of 44 to 49 are thought of as younger people and those between the ages of 49 to 55 are thought of as to be advancing in age. People over the age of 55 are thought of as being of advanced age. Along with determining a person’s age, the SSA will also determine what kind of work a person can do. They group work into four types of categories: sedentary work, light work, medium work, and heavy-weight work. No matter how young a person is, if they cannot perform even the sedentary level of work due to their disability, they will more than likely be approved for disability.

A Children’s Claim For Disability

Another way that age is a factor is when it comes to evaluating a child’s application for disability. The reason for this is that a child’s application for disability is not reviewed in the same way that an adult’s application is reviewed. A child that is under the age of eighteen and applies for disability is evaluated based on whether they have a severe impairment (mental, physical, or both) that results in “marked and severe functional limitations” instead of whether they are able to work or not. In addition, the Social Security Administration has a different set of medical impairment listings for applicants under the age of eighteen.

What to do if an Application For Disability is Turned Down

If a person’s application for disability is turned down or if a person needs legal assistance when applying for disability, there are options available to them. A disability legal firm, like Myler Disability can help people whose disability application was turned down. The services that they offer are: over fifty disability claims, mental disorder claims, spinal problem claims, claims reconsideration, dire needs cases, and Supplemental Security Insurance applications and questions.

With information about what role age plays in applying for disability, people now have some of the knowledge that is needed when applying for disability. This will help them know what the Social Security Administration looks at when they review applications for disability.


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